Argiro was born in 1966 at Valeontades village (or Nightingales village) in Samos island, literally, inside a pot next to the fireplace. This is why she loves pots and the smell of burnt wood and ashes.

She grew up learning from her grandmother everything about the herbs and the spices and about cultivating vegetables and fruits and, of course, what someone can make out of them in the simplest possible ways.

The first cooking effort was at the age of nine: blackberry jam. She found the blackberries in the nearby forest, she borrowed sugar from a neighbor and she started mixing and stirring using the small outside kitchen the houses used to have at the time, without anyone knowing. The jam was delicious and her grandmother furious!

Then, at the age of fourteen she got married to Pythagoras. Pythagoras’ parents owed a small restaurant and this is how Argiro was taught by them all the secrets of Greek cuisine and the art of detail and simplicity in cooking. She worked with Xenofon and Zafiro (her father and mother in law) for many years when she decided she wanted to study what she loved the most and so she did: Culinary art and food & beverage business administration and at the same time she took charge of the family business, restaurant Apolafsi (which means Delight in English).

And it sure was a “delight”! Argiro and Apolafsi restaurant were awarded in a cooking contest for the Greek creative art of cooking! She is a member of the Greek Chefs Club, an executive Chef herself that during the past years worked in 5 star hotels in the islands of Cyprus, Skiros and Santorini.

Back in Samos in 2010 she decided to make her dream come true: Introduce the Greek Food and the simple way to cook it to as many people as possible. This is how a year later “Cook like a Greek” was born and it was a success!

You can Cook like a Greek with Argiro and her Su Chef in Apolafsi’s restaurant kitchen, in Samos island this year too! Let’s cook together!