Greek Gastronomy and Greek traditional products

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The value of eating right is huge because it is totally connected with our health, our physical wellbeing and the quality of our lives. Greek nutrition is a shield protecting our body and also the secret of a long healthy life because of:

-the unique and exceptional ingredients

-the herbs and the spices

-the extra virgin olive oil

-the really simple ways of preparation

Ancient Greeks’ nutrition was rich in vegetables, beans and olive oil. They ate really small portions of meat and they did a great deal of manual labor. They were experimenting with all the different kinds of ingredients and their preparation and they were creating new recipes all the time, never forgetting to write them down for the next generations to have.

This is how Greece has one of the most ancient, palatable culinary traditions throughout the world. Tradition in flavor, taste, ingredients and ways of preparing those ingredients that started thousands years ago and still go on.

The Greek culinary art is like a rainbow! Every place, every island and village has its own characteristic color, smell and taste. The weather, the soil and the climate varies, so the products vary too!

Here are some of Greece’s traditional products:

Olive oil, wine of any kind, ouzo and tsipouro, honey, dairy products (who doesn’t know feta?), vegetables and fruits, butter, first quality meat, mastic, vinegar, herbs ( oregano, sage, chamomile, basil, thyme, mint, parsley), spices ( red saffron, cumin) and I can go on writing and writing…

Everyone who has visited Greece has tasted tzatziki, mousaka, calamari, cheese pie, the Greek salad, yoghurt with honey for breakfast, has drunk ouzo and retsina…

Greek traditional products and what we create out of them is a big part of our civilization. There was a lot of research that helped us improve them and as a result those products made Greece famous worldwide, placing Greek cuisine on top of all others:

It is healthy, it is unique, and it helps us live longer.

Is there anything else that we need?